It's not yes or no. It's multiple choice.

Lauren has been playing music professionally for over seven years. In that time she has developed several different types of shows, and a versatility to provide you with precisely what you need. Usually, Lauren plays her shows solo with her acoustic guitar, but she has a vast array of talented musicians ready to come on board when a duo or band is needed.

The Cover Artist: I have over 7 years of experience playing popular cover shows. My sets are made up of hits from the 60s to today.

I have a reputation for getting an audience's attention and keeping them at the venue, enjoying the music, for hours (or until the conclusion of the show). I am a subtle performer, volume is never an issue, and I play an acoustic guitar tastefully without overdubs and effects. My vocal performance carries the show, backed by my pleasing guitar.

I book shows as short as one hour, up to four hours, depending on your needs. I provide all needed equipment, including PA system (though it's awesome when the venue has it's own!)

Of course, I love playing my original material. I have an original CD professionally released, and I look forward to hearing from venues where original material is appreciated, and other bands and promoters who wish to have me share a bill on upcoming concerts.

Please contact me to discuss working together!