Music for licensing, and original composition and scores for TV and Film

One thing that some people don't know about me is that I earned my BS in Radio/TV/Film Production. I've always had a great passion for television and film, and as a musician, I have a very deep appreciation for the music that brings these productions to life. Consequently, I have a great passion for composing music for film and television. All of my original songs are available for license, and I also compose new songs and entire scores. I can write original material for your project, or bring to life your lyrics and song ideas. Prices TBD based on your budget and the scope of the project. Please drop me a line and we can discuss!

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I'm proud that everyone I have provided music for to date is a very happy customer. Here is what a few had to say about working with me:

"As a filmmaker, I prefer to find music that suits the scene rather than creating a piece specifically for it. Lauren Young's diverse repertoire of original songs makes that an easy task. Whether I am seeking a song to set a romantic ambiance, bring a lump to the throat, or just make the audience crack up, Lauren has a selection that will complement the mood. After recommending her to a fellow filmmaker who did want to commission new music, and hearing the impressive final result (not to mention the amazingly quick turn around time) of that collaboration, Lauren has me rethinking my usual modus operandi. I can't recommend her work highly enough. "

- Jeanie M. Clark Steel Corset Productions Writer/Director of, "Smalltimore," (Winner, "Best Director," Indiefest 2009, Anaheim CA)"

"When it was time to replace the temp music with original local music - we worried. Then Lauren came in and gave us something better. Something great. And I will forever thank her for this.


- Michelle Farrell, Producer/Director "Unraveling Michelle"

I have contributed music to the following productions. Please check out the links, especially to Jason Koch's Lamplight, which will give you an example of my work. For Lamplight, I took an original lyrics and guitar composition by Jason Koch and recorded it with full instrumentation and effects.

Unraveling Michelle, 2010. I provided original songs and scored this film.

Lamplight, 2010. Director's song idea brought to life.

Crush, 2010. Original Song licensed.

Smalltimore, 2010. Original songs licensed.

I don't disappoint my clients. My family, yes, but my clients, no!"

- Lauren Young