No More Name Your Own Price Shopping

I don't offer my music for "no minimum" any longer. I put a lot of time, money, and love into producing these for you, and I want everyone to appreciate my music, for whatever price they honestly think my effort is worth... unfortunately, honesty isn't driving music downloads anymore. I doubt very many people honestly think the work a musician puts into recording an album is worth nothing. However, if a musician offers their music for no minimum, many will download it for free simply because they can. Music is not worthless. My effort is not worthless. I WANT you to hear my music. But I'm the one paying, with my integrity, if I hand it out for free.

You can easily download my tracks through iTunes and Amazon

You really should buy my CD instead of that grocery store sushi you're eyeing. Seriously. You'll be happier with the CD."

- Lauren Young